Amazing Music On-Hold

Getting it right the first time.


The opposite of boring. We'll help make your messages the best.


Don't settle for some basic text-to-speech robo-voicer. Get the best.


Need a quick change? Don't sweat it, it's taken care of.

VOIP Friendly

Internet phone system? Even better! We upload your files for you.

Jingle Compatible

We'll write and produce your messages to fit your jingle format, every time.

Ease of Use

Our entire process is custom built with you in mind.

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Great Music On-Hold Increases Sales

Still deciding? That's cool. If you understand how marketing works, then you'll appreciate the value our service adds to your business. Our team works with you to create the best music on-hold experience for your callers, at a cost that doesn't make you think twice.

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We like to be hands-on with our clients. So feel free to give us a call and talk to us about your needs. Our service is designed to be flexible for your business. If you don't already fit into one of our options, we'll work out a price, just for you. Give us a call today.




Per Month


100 Words

Produced with Music


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Per Month


250 Words

Produced with Music

Jingle Compatible



Per Month


400 Words

Produced with Music

Jingle Compatible

To help us determine your complete needs, we have to speak with you before you sign up. This ensures a smooth experience with our service, and gets you aquainted with our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

Creative Services

Need help writing your messages? No problem! Speak with us before signing up and we'll give you an estimate. Creative services are charged on an as-needed basis.

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