Are you looking to step up your marketing game by taking it directly to the customers? This is where you would want to start if you would like to start educating and informing customers of your brand, services, and offers with out them even having to speak to an employee yet.

Streaming & Manage Plans Included

All of the features from our Streaming and Manage plans are included! Click the plan names to find our more about them, or read on to see all of the awesome features in our Messaging plan.

Streaming Plan Manage Plan


Inform your customers about specials and services reliably. Remind them about your social media or simply offer a kind compliment for being there. You can also use Messaging to motivate your team before opening hours with Message Scheduling.

Professional Voicing

Our Messaging plan includes Voicing! Get your first few messages voiced for free when you sign up or bundle one of our Voicing plans for fast continued updates from our professional voicing staff. Listen to our samples here.

Message Frequency

Play one or multiple messages on rotation, as much or as little as you like. With Message Frequency, you control how often a message plays between songs. This is especially great during busier times of the year when playing messages more often is crucial to your sales process.

Message Scheduling

Use the power of time by having your messages play on the minute! Advanced scheduling lets you reliably play messages during song playback. This can be utilized for specials and service reminders, timed promotions, schedule changes, and more!

Mass Update

Have more than one location? No sweat! Just like our Manage plan, you can monitor and update messages at all of your locations at once! You can also generate detailed message reports!

Hardware Optional

That's right, it's optional! Our service is designed to be easy and hassle free. If you've got a computer nearby or even a spare phone, you can use our site or app for services. Don't have that? No problem! Our hardware has additional features and is very affordable. Go to our Hardware page to learn more!

Listen to samples of our messaging from some of our current clients. These samples were created as an example only. During normal operation, messages will play during whatever song is playing. If you'd like your jingle or custom music track to play during messages, that's possible too! For more information about voicing, click here to view our Voicing plans!


Need Assistance?

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