Managing multiple locations shouldn't be hard. With our Manage plan, not only can you view details of all your locations at once, you can update them all too.

Streaming Plan Included

All of the features from our Streaming plan are included! Enjoy those awesome features along with the ones below in our Manage plan. If you need the ability to play messages during your music, check out our Messaging plan too.

Streaming Plan Messaging Plan

Location Control

Location! Location! Location! Take control over multiple locations and zones in a simple dashboard. View current song titles, adjust volume, and make schedule changes all from the convenience of your home or office.

Detailed Reporting

Data on your locations is a must-have for marketing analysis. With our reporting, you can analyze song playback during business hours and fine tune your customers mood to maximize on potential sales.

Zones Addon

Larger locations or segmented areas can utilize their own stream to create the ideal environment. Play upbeat music in your show room to insight excitement, then in your service area, play something slow and relaxing to put your customers at ease.

User Permissions

Give control over certain parts of your music to your managers and lock the rest down. This enables your managers at each location to add a bit of variety to their location or zone while keeping things locked to your brand.

Branding Control

Company approved stations are a great way to make sure your locations only play music that supports your brand. With over 110 stations to choose from, utilizing company stations keeps you worry free about what's playing.

Hardware Optional

That's right, it's optional! Our service is designed to be easy and hassle free. If you've got a computer nearby or even a spare phone, you can use our site or app for services. Don't have that? No problem! Our hardware has additional features and is very affordable. Go to our Hardware page to learn more!

Need Assistance?

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