While you don't need our hardware to use our streaming music service, it definitely makes your life easier. Check out some of our awesome features below.


Local Playback

Should your device restart and not find an internet connection, it has a small library of jazz music it will play until it updates. Once it does, the current song will end and your stream will pick right back up.

Stream Cache

Does your internet connection go down as often as McDonald's shake machines? If so, don't worry. As long as your stream has been up for awhile, our device will replay songs for a while until a stable connection returns.


Our device is wifi compatible so there's no need to run additional cabling or use up one of your precious Ethernet ports. If you know your network settings prior to shipping, we can even configure it for you before it leaves our office!

Song Display

Your customers will LOVE your music, so much that they might ask you what's playing. Rather than check the history, you can setup a display to show the current song playing. Album art, song title, and artist is also shown and at no added cost!

Low Bandwidth

Our is as efficient as possible so our bandwidth usage is low. As a new song is queued up, our device downloads it to memory so it's not constantly using your connection. Songs are just a few MB's a piece so you have more bandwidth for other tasks.

Tamper Resistant

No buttons? No problem! Since our units can't be controlled at the device, this limits the potential for issues from team members. Use our app or web interface to control the unit so there's less temptation to change things while the boss is away.

Need Assistance?

Please visit our Guides and FAQs page for answers to your most common and some not-so-common questions. If you can't find it there, feel free to email or call us at 1-888-635-6395.
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