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Our guides are designed to help you understand what you're buying, what you need, and how to complete the order form. You'll notice we've covered a variety of scenarios, but if you don't see one that best fits your situation, check our FAQs for additional information. Of course, you can always ask us a question here or give us a call.

I'm a new agent and want to understand more about M-line Media's services.

M-line Media currently offers two services to State Farm agents. Those services are Messages On-Hold and Auto Attendant. Both services are for your phone system, but perform different functions.

Messages On-Hold is exactly how it sounds, whenever you place someone on hold or park, messages and music play for your caller to hear. You can customize the messages they hear by choosing from our State Farm approved library of over 35 messages when you order a file and we also offer over 15 different music tracks to choose from. For more information about our Messages On-Hold service, including pricing and samples, please visit our Messages On-Hold service page.

Our other service, Auto Attendant, is a professional voice service for your main phone greeting and office information track. You can choose from our library of approved auto attendant messages or submit your own for approval. We also provide consultation on how to best setup your phone system for your team. For more information regarding this service, including pricing and samples, please visit our Auto Attendant service page.

I've had Melodyline before and need to update my messages.

Updating your messages can be a simple process, but you'll need to make sure of a few things before you begin. Please continue reading this guide while we cover some common scenarios.

Your first step to updating your messages will be to make sure you have a compatible player installed at your office. If you don't have an MP3 player, then you'll definitely need to purchase our package option first. That will not only get you a new unit to play your messages on, but it includes a new message file as well. If you already know that you have an MP3 player at your office, then you simply need to order a MP3 Production Only on our order page. You'll be emailed a link to download your new file a few business days after your order. The email will also contain the instructions on how to load that file to your player using a personal computer.

If you're not sure which unit you have, then you should give us a call. We can look up any previous purchases you might have made with us and tell you if you've ever registered an MP3 unit. In some cases, if you've moved offices or taken over one, there might be an MP3 unit already there. It's fairly easy to identify a tape unit among any other hardware you might have, but MP3 units are smaller and are sometimes placed in hard to see or reach places. You can learn more information about our MP3 units on our Messages On-Hold service page.

Loading your MP3 production file to your unit.



1How do I load my messages?
We actually have a very detailed guide for this that covers multiple operating systems and units that we've used in the past. Check it out here.
2I just got my new hardware, Now what?
We currently ship the players out with your production on it so that you have the piece of mind knowing the initial setup is halfway taken care of out of the box. We strive to make sure that you should be able to connect the audio cable to the player and the appropriate connection on your phone system, then plug the power in and within a minute be up and running.

You can follow our installation guide here. (The installation may vary due to your phone hardware)

Note: The SBD-100 units have the audio port near the power. This is where the audio cable will go for you wire that connects to the phone system.


1My on-hold audio sounds distorted.
Even with advancements in technology, phone systems were and are still designed to only carry voice efficiently. This means that while
2Only piano music is playing when I put someone on hold or callers hear nothing.
This is often due to the volume of the player being low or a loose connection.

Step 1

We want to check the volume of the player first, simply press the volume up on the player 5-10 times. Once it is able to be heard on the phone system you can adjust the volume to where it sounds best for the customers.

Step 2

We first suggest checking with the supplied headphones to make sure that the player is working. If you do hear the production playing it we would need to look at connections.

Step 3

It is suggested to reseat the connections by simply unplugging and plugging them back in. Some phone systems will take more than 5-10 seconds for you to hear the change. If reseating the connection does not seem to work we will want to make sure that the connections are in the right port.


1How do I adjust my volume for my on-hold messages?
Adjusting your volume is as simple as pressing a button! On our MP3 units, you'll find 2 buttons labeled 'Volume' or with small arrows pointing 'Up' or 'Down'. Simply turn on the built-in speaker and press one of the volume buttons until you reach the desired level. We always suggest that you be on-hold when you do this so that you can hear your messages at the same volume your callers will. Often, the volume will be set too low for the Cisco phone system to pick up and your messages will revert to the default piano music.

*In older MP3 units, the volume buttons may actually be a small knob. Turn the knob clockwise for 'Up' and counter-clockwise for 'Down'.
2The status light on my 1200S unit is solid red.
Be sure that the light you're looking at is indeed on the unit itself, and not the flash drive that's plugged in. If you do have a solid red light on your unit, then you need to reboot the unit by pulling the power cord out and plugging it back in. The unit will restart and the light should turn green again after a few moments. If the light is still red after a reboot, then you'll need to contact support so they can help troubleshoot the issue. Explain any steps you took to troubleshoot the issue to avoid repeating any steps.
3Which lights on the 1200S unit are important?
The most important light on the 1200S unit is the status LED located on the side. A lot of people confuse the light on the flash drive as being the status light of the unit. While the flash drive's light does tell us some things about the drive and what it's doing, it is not affected nor does it tell us anything about the unit itself. The status light on the unit can display 1 of 4 different states.

Solid green or blinking green - This means that the unit is functioning properly.

Orange or yellow - You'll see this color whenever you press a button on the unit, or when a new file is being copied to the system.

Blinking red - This status indicates a failure to load a new file because it is missing the dealer security code. To learn more about this feature, please see our FAQ about security codes.

Solid red - If the light on your unit is solid red, you should reboot it first and remove the flash drive if there is one plugged in. If it continues to stay red, then please contact our support team for assistance.

Warranty & Returns

1I ordered a new package and discovered I already had one.
That's okay! You can still return the new unit within 60 days of your order for a full refund of the hardware. Simply notify our support team of the error and we'll give you the necessary information to ship it back to us. Once it's received, we'll issue a credit to your account. If you've already opened the new unit, please be sure to return all of the items it came with to insure that you receive the full refund. Any items not returned will be deducted from your refund amount.

*Production files delivered as part of this order are not refundable.
2I want to return my production file because...
Due to the nature of digital assets, production files of any sort cannot be returned once an attempt to deliver the file has been made. If at any time you are dissatisfied with our service, you should contact our support team immediately and we will do our best to resolve your issue.
3What sort of warranty is offered on hardware?
We currently warranty our hardware for a total of 3 years from the purchase date. If at any time you experience a malfunction in our hardware not due to an outside cause, simply contact our support team to request a replacement. We can also repair units that have fallen out of warranty for a small fee. Contact our support team with a description of your issue and we'll determine the best course of action.